About Anton "Tony" Koker, Jr.

I was born in South Boston (Southie) and raised in Stoughton Massachusetts. My parents allowed me to have a paper route when I was only 8 years old. My brother was 7, so they decided we could do it together, with my Dad's help, at least initially. My brother and I worked that route, and absorbed others in neighboring areas until it had grown to over 80 homes in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, during the week, and over 120 on Sunday. I bought my first car with cash I had saved from the route. I gave the route up when I was 18, turning it all over to my brother to handle, during his senior year in high school.

I went on to college where I earned a BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) in 1984 at NU (Northeastern University) in Boston. NU is known for their Cooperative Education program, whereby students alternate between college and work, amassing 2 years of work experience while earning their degree.

I moved to Dallas to start my after-college career working as an electronic system engineer. Basically I was designing computer boards. While in college I had developed an interest in programming and had begun to steer away from the hardware and into the software aspects. My first employer had hired me to perform embedded system-level programming of the custom hardware, but my having a hardware degree, and, they're being 6 months or more behind schedule, they had me designing hardware for the first year and a half. I had gotten together with 3 other engineers and founded our own company on the side, Event-Horizon Technologies, Inc. We developed a high-end computer graphics board for the new PC and micro-channel markets, but failed to move it beyond a working prototype and business plan. Ultimately our challenge would've been competing against several well-established companies, but instead of facing the challenge we ultimately talked ourselves out of it.

Getting back to my employment, that position was based on specific projects, and I was able to move to another project, and grew from board design to sub-system (rack) design and testing. This included still some card design, but also included a rack configuration and programming to put the whole thing together.

I then became aware of another project where this new operation system, OS/2 was being used for workstations. I managed to get myself into a role of developer and with my hardware background I was able to configure their development network, workstations, printers and the entire process workflow.

Ultimately I leverage this new knowledge into becoming a self-employed consultant and this was a springboard for me to pursue moving further away from being someone else's employee, to being my own boss.

Somewhere along the way I got involved in my first MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, Relationship Marketing and other names) company. I turned out to be a great follower. I bought all the books and tapes I was supposed to. I signed up and went to all of the out-of-town conferences they had. But I never found out how to sponsor someone and keep them interested and building. I finally found leaders who were not only successfully finding these people, but, they are willing and able to teach me not only how to do this for myself, but so that I can, in turn, teach and mentor the people I work with to do the same for themselves.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker